Georgia’s lockdown blog

So this should’ve been a blog about the last few long runs leading up to Sunderland Half but the world had other ideas. For me I’ve tried to use the daily exercise allowance to keep my training up as much as possible. I’m a nurse and keeping my mind and body going and refreshed is important as we’re part of the key workforce still going. Running during these times is a weird experience – having to do it all solo makes it harder, as does dodging people to maintain the 2m distance required, but we’re so lucky we’re still being allowed out and so I’ll make the most of it. 

I’ve tackled a hip issue in the midst but have sorted it with some top physio tips obtained pre lockdown. Those final long runs with friends seem such a distant memory now. For me long runs on my own are as much a mental battle as a physical one and I have to talk myself into keeping going after a few miles. Music helps to a point and seeing my work colleagues get active too is a big motivator as we keep each other going as a ‘family’ of sorts right now.