“Variety is the spice of life!”

Here’s our first Ambassador Training Blog! 
“Welcome to my first training blog, joining me on my journey to what will be a fantastic weekend of running. The countdown truly begins here!
They say variety is the spice of life and no more is this true than when you are training. It prevents boredom, opens you up to new adventures and will help you be in the best possible shape both physically and mentally. 
My routine over the last few weeks has been varied. Have been utilising the swimming pool and weights at Everyone Active, focusing in particular on core strength and the glutes…the backside to you and me!
A long run on a Sunday down Tynemouth coast along to Whitley Bay stopping off for a coffee and a tiny (ahem) piece of chocolate at the market, was well deserved!
Twice a week have been doing fast paced 5k sessions in the park with my colleagues from work, running in a group can really push and support you so would recommend it. 
There is no such thing as a bad training session, get out there, enjoy it, focus on you and do not compare yourself to others. Create a mini goal each session and keep it realistic.
As the weather improves will be doing more outdoor work and utilising the swimming and sauna for my recovery days, these are crucial so remember to book in some relaxation as well!
Look forward to the next update, that’s all from me and my training partner Bernie the Brick, happy running!”